Mankato Newborn, Children & Family Photographer: It’s supposed to be fun!

Hey Moms,

I get it. Photo sessions are a lot of work. Trying to find clothes that everyone will wear that doesn’t have some sort of Disney character on it is a nightmare! And heaven forbid you suggest pants with a button! You think, I’ll get it scheduled once I drop a few pounds. Or maybe after get my hair colored. Or when I get enough sleep so I finally don’t look tired. Once I can be sure that my youngest isn’t going to have an epic meltdown the second we get out of the car, we can get some pictures taken. Trust me, I get it.

I understand that your time is precious and there never seems to be enough of it. I’m right there in the trenches with you…zipping coats and shoving mittens on sticky fingers while you yell “get in the car” for the 15th time, knowing you’re going to be late yet again. Later, collapsing into a chair to read stories at night with little heads on your chest. You’ve got a “to-do” list a mile long running through your brain that you know you’re going to push off just “one more” day. I get it.

I get that evenings and weekends are special. They are for family. You get to relax in your sweats with no bra and just watch your kids play. You get to see him make his first goal. You get to see her dance in her first recital. Those weekends are for hanging out with your husband and having a few beers while you catch up on the latest Netflix show.  The thought of parading in front of stranger with a camera is the last thing you want to do. I get it.

Photo sessions are supposed to be fun, seriously!  It should be a time where you come together with family with no distractions. You make each other laugh, you hug and play. And you take time to remember why you love these people. I promise to capture the connection and love you share. I see the way your daughter hides her face in your leg when she’s nervous. I see the way your husband looks at you as you smile at your kids. I see the smile you hide when your son gets mischievous. I promise to capture it all. I’ll tell your story, and then I’ll put it all in a book so you don’t have to add one more thing to your “to-do” list.

I get it. We will never be perfect, but our kids love us anyway. They remember your hugs, and the way your hair tickles them when you smooch their necks. They remember the crazy giggles they get when you scoop them up and tickle them. They remember how secure they feel when you take care of their owies. We’ve read it, we’ve heard it, we know it. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it should.

I get it, and I feel you. But, your kids won’t remember your insecurities, they’ll just remember that you’re their mom, and they wouldn’t trade you for the world. Be there.

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