Hi, I’m Kelly! I am a born and raised, midwestern girl, a wife to my high school sweetheart, and the mama to two amazing twin boys. When I’m not holding my camera, I’m usually holding a book (most often picture books these days), a cup of coffee, or a 5 year old!

Throughout my journey, I have found my most treasured images to be those that tell a story. These photographs bring back smells and feelings that may have otherwise been forgotten and I cherish them dearly. During your session, the focus will be on play and connection, not on my camera. Of course, we will capture a traditional portrait, if you’d like, but I promise you will love the real life, in-between moments even more.

Your story is important! It is my mission to capture what matters most. It’s often those “just another day” moments that we look back on and wish for one more. The seasons of life pass so quickly, and your photographs will help you relive your dearest memories.