Baby Huxton: Mankato Newborn Session

I was able to photograph Huck while he was tucked safely in Mama’s belly. I was there to capture his first breath in this world. And then, I was lucky enough for him to visit me in my studio to take his first portraits. This auntie is smitten.

Huxton arrived sleeping peacefully, he nursed easily, and only peed twice! Big win in my book. It’s funny, most babies LOVE to be swaddled up. That tight wrap makes them feel secure and safe. Huck quickly told me that I could take my swaddle and shove it. He was much more content to stretch his legs out very straight and lock his knees so there was no tucking them up. Clearly he has inherited a stubborn gene, but I won’t say who from. Never the less, I won him over with my magic baby skills and captured some beautiful memories. Just wait until you see his bright eyes. He is such a handsome boy! Congratulations Jeff and Dana, and welcome to the world baby Huxton! dsc_8386-edit dsc_8526-edit dsc_8520 dsc_8511-edit dsc_8499-edit dsc_8490-edit dsc_8486-edit dsc_8483-edit dsc_8478-edit dsc_8474-edit dsc_8465-edit dsc_8454-edit dsc_8449-edit dsc_8428-edit dsc_8398-edit

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