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Sometimes, as a photographer, you get to capture one of your favorite families. My family has some pretty great neighbors. They are kind, thoughtful, helpful. They are also hilarious, sarcastic, and enjoy beers around the campfire. They really are the best. We are lucky to call them friends! Rosi is the kind of mom that knows how to get what she wants out of her kids. Two words. Fruit snacks. I have never seen two little boys listen so intently when their mom asked them to stop moving. It was comical. And I high fived her, more than once! I’m sure all parents have seen how different siblings can be. My own boys are the same way. Logan is as considerate and sweet as Caden is rough and tough. It’s so fun to watch them play! We had a great time out in the woods, I even got the whole family to dance. Adam and Rosi must practice, because they both busted the same move, and I promptly lost it laughing so unfortunately, the focus of those images is not stellar. Otherwise, I’d be sharing their fabulous moves with all of you!

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