Click Away 2015: Inspiration in San Antonio

Raise your hand if you have way too much to do! All. The. Time. Between keeping up with two little boys and their ever changing moods, trying to keep our home looking like we aren’t (always) surrounded by extreme chaos, actually spending time with (not next to) my husband, and running a part time photography business, usually it feels like there just isn’t enough time. But! Yep, there’s a but…

But, I got to take 5 glorious days all to myself and travel to San Antonio for Click Away 2015. 5 days where my only job was to wear clothes that were not covered in snot, drink Starbucks, eat at fun restaurants where someone else cooked, and learn from some of my favorite photographers. Ladies and gentleman, it was amazing!! I came back with so many ideas for my business, and new techniques to try out in my sessions.

Here are some favorites from my time away. Some are from boutique classes, some are from a beautiful golden hour shoot, and some are just from exploring the city.

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I’m excited, I’m inspired, and I’m recharged. As a mom, or actually just as a parent, that’s so important. So, if your feeling spread a little too thin, find your own inspiration. And carve out some time for you. You’re worth it!