Mankato Maternity Session: Dana

Eager, anxious, and excited is how Dana walked in the door with an arm load of clothes for her and Jeff for their Mankato maternity session. When you are related to the photographer, you are allowed to bring pizza and hang out all night eating, drinking, and taking awesome pictures. Jeff was, well let’s just say, less excited. He watched Dana and I get giddy over maternity gowns, and all he could say was that we were weird. Maybe we are, but we roll with it. The night was pretty much perfect, and I tried to keep it more or less painless for the less excited party. Despite his lack of enthusiasm, he rose to the occasion beautifully. (I think he secretly loved it.)

Dana was only a month away from delivering their sweet baby, and she was feeling great. Like most women who are 8 months pregnant, she had moments of doubt about being in front of the camera, but I promised that she looked beautiful.  And well, I was right. 😉 We ended the session with a gorgeous sunset kiss that was made possible only by what I can describe as tolerance true love.

All kidding aside, they will treasure these images. When Huck is grown, and they are through this season of life, they will be able to look back on their memories and remember the anticipation of meeting their first born. And Huck will see just how strong and beautiful his mother really was as she carried him.

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Each season of life passes so quickly, and all we can do is hold on for the ride. How will you remember your little details?

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