Photographing adventure.

Once again, I find that my children are leading me to new adventures. It is not uncommon to hear a photographer say that they got started when they had their own kids. I’m by no means the first “mom with a camera”. My fierce love for my babies made me pick up my camera and document moments that I will never get back. Back in November, I started a 365 project.  I shoot, edit, and post a picture daily. It was a way to hone my skill as a photographer, to get to know the ins and outs of my camera better, and to try out new techniques. Naturally, my children became almost the sole subjects for the project. I knew that it would be fun to have the images, but I had not idea how much I would cherish these every day memories. And through all of the months that I have been shooting, I’ve found my style. I have found where my heart lies in images.

Lately, I’ve found myself noticing that my client work and my personal work don’t match. And from there came a new way of thinking. A posed portrait is nice, but I want more. I want the jumping, and running, and laughing. I want the stomping, and crying and quiet stares. I want all of the silly and all of the spirit and spunk. I want to remember all of the child. Because each season flies by, and the little things are easily forgotten as we move on to the next adventure. So, I will capture all of the little details, for you and for me.

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DSC_5601-Edit DSC_5618-Edit DSC_5629-Edit DSC_5638-Edit DSC_5648-Edit DSC_5659-Edit DSC_5665-Edit DSC_5685-Edit DSC_5694-Edit DSC_5696-Edit DSC_5703-Edit DSC_5705-Edit DSC_5723-Edit DSC_5756-Edit DSC_5764-Edit DSC_5773-Edit DSC_5781-Edit DSC_5783-Edit DSC_5803-Edit DSC_5817-Edit DSC_5819-Edit DSC_5827-Edit

Each of these images were taken while playing. There were no tears, and no fighting. There was no “say cheese”. It was the most fun I’ve had capturing other people’s children ever. We played together, and their huge personalities shone brightly from their little bodies. We found Mars rocks, and chased bunnies. We climbed mountains and jumped off boulders “all by myself”. It’s amazing what you see when you just let them be little.

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