Estelle: A Toddler Session

Toddlers are a challenge. They are a challenge to have living in your house, and they are a challenge to photograph. They have strong wills and small attention spans. But, when you catch “that look”, or you get a quick hug and kiss before they run off on their next exploration… Well it reminds you just how special this season of their life is. When I got together with Estelle’s grandma and mom, we discussed just that. We talked about the split personalities our kids seem to have while Estelle shied away from me and my big camera and chose to hug Grandma instead. We talked about how difficult it is to not feel like you are doing something wrong when your child is throwing a fit in public or maybe hasn’t reached a certain milestone that what seems like every other kid around them has. But, we also talked about how raising our kids is a job we would never turn down. How these tiny people bring more joy to our lives than we knew possible. Estelle is no exception. This little girl has sparkle and spunk. She may dress “all girl” but she can explore the sticks and leaves like a pro. And she loves her family. You can see it in the way she grasps their fingers, hugs their necks, and runs to them with her most exciting discoveries. And you know what? They love her right back. How could you not?

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