Maternity, Child and Family Session, Mankato MN: The K Family

When I get to see kids grow up through family sessions, it’s a blessing. Kenna brought little Kael to see me as a newborn and I watched him grow his whole first year.  Each session brought out new quirks and silly looks. He is such a funny little boy!  And then time flew, the way it always does, and Kael is two years old and they are expecting their second little buddy in a month!

I love to photograph adventure, but this session took a twist that I wouldn’t recommend. The first thing that happened upon arrival was the quick realization that the car doors were locked, and the keys were inside. Along with Kael’s birthday session outfit. Whoops! Thankfully, we were able to set out and get started while my helpful hubby got AAA on their way. All was well. As we set out into the mosquito den beautiful prairie grass, everyone was relaxed and happy. Two year olds are not usually well versed in sitting still, but luckily I know ALL the words to the Paw Patrol song and won some cool points! I got my aerobic work out playing chase and being overly silly. I’ll do almost anything for a real smile.

One of the things I love the most about this couple is their obvious affection for one another. Let me tell you, Mom & Dad still have it! The quick glances at each other, and the connection when they have the time to lock eyes is the stuff of romance novels. The in between moments, when they are all interacting as a family without worrying where the camera is, create images that make my heart skip a beat. Chasing a toddler with swollen ankles while the keys are locked in the car is real life right now, and it’s going to be a blessing to look back and cherish just how wonderful life was in that moment.

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