Mankato Baby Session: James is One

Baby sessions are always fun! One year old sessions are no exception, and with family friends it’s always relaxed. Adam and Megan are full of sarcasm and totally photogenic, which means I had a blast! Megan allowed me to provide wardrobe options for her and James. I was dying to photograph a mama in a new lace gown I picked up.  She looked stunning! James’s chunky legs peeked out of his shorts as he toddled around, and who doesn’t love a handsome dad in classic jeans and a t-shirt? There is something timeless and pure about neutral colors that let the emotion and connection shine through in an image. Their family is no exception, the affection for their son is so obvious! James was the star of one of my first newborn sessions and it always humbles me to have clients, especially friends, come back.  James started walking just days before his first birthday session which added a level of excitement. Once they are on the go, I have to be ready for action! James was full of serious, “what is this crazy lady doing?” expressions at first, but I pulled out my bag of tricks….tractors, bubbles, balloons…and he perked up quite a bit! This little guy has a million adorable facial expressions! Not to mention when we set a cake topped in real whipped cream in front of him. Well… he wasn’t concerned about walking away anymore. Hands, fingers and toes are all valid choices for scooping cake! If the goal was for James to be COVERED in cake, he succeeded with flying colors! My favorite part of the session was clean up. Sink baths are so sweet, and our babes are small enough for such a short while.

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