Mankato Baby Session: Josie and Hazel

I knew coming into this baby session that it was going to be adorable. Josie’s mom contacted me about a mini session for her 10 month old daughter and her best friend, and I couldn’t help smiling because they aren’t even a year old yet, and they already have each other. When the girls showed up, they were wearing matching tutu dresses, because what else would you wear with your best girlfriend to a photo shoot? They clearly are not amateurs. As we made our way through the morning, I chatted with their Mom’s and it was so clear that family is number one in their lives and their children are so very precious to them, which is why they were there supporting The Potato Head Project. Josie jumped right into the session with big grins and silly faces. She seems to get that jolly personality from her mom. Hazel was sweet and cautious. She wasn’t quite sure of me at first and her biggest smiles came out when she was safe in her mama’s arms. So we took some time playing and laughing, and capturing some of my favorite images from the session. The connection between a mom and her baby is just one of my favorite things to witness. The girls ended their session with their sweet little tutued tushes in the dirt. And Hazel showed that she wasn’t always quiet and shy, if you get some booty shaking music going, she lights right up. DSC_2448-Edit  DSC_2652-Edit DSC_2648-Edit DSC_2630-Edit DSC_2609-Edit DSC_2595-Edit DSC_2591-Edit DSC_2590-Edit DSC_2577-Edit DSC_2565-Edit mankato baby session DSC_2534-Edit DSC_2529-Edit DSC_2526-Edit DSC_2517-Edit DSC_2514-Edit DSC_2501-Edit mankato baby session DSC_2482-Edit mankato baby session DSC_2459-Edit mankato baby sessionmankato baby sessionIf you are interested in your own session with Kelly Scholl Photography, and would like to be the first to know about upcoming specials, please opt in for my monthly newsletter by using the following link! Click here to subscribe!