Mankato Baby Session: Stella

One of the best ways to have a baby photo session is with a best friend during a play date! When it’s your friend you don’t have to worry about finding someone to watch your kids, or making sure your house is perfect. All good things in my book!  We meant to capture Stella at 3 months, but between busy schedules and sick kids, it’s more like 4. This sweet girl is working on growing a tooth and spends most of her waking hours with her fingers (as many as she can fit) in her mouth!

It’s so fun to watch siblings grow and see how different they can be. Stella’s big brother Oliver is one of my boys’ best buds. They really didn’t have a choice in the matter, when you’re a toddler, your parents pick your friends! He’s sweet, and quiet and will usually start out just watching and taking things in before he jumps in to play. I think Stella is going to be a “jump right in there” kind of girl. She always wants to see what’s going on, she loves being tossed in the air, and gets a big kick out of the big kids. Look out world, once Stella figures out how to move, I don’t think she will stop!

Some of you may remember Stella’s newborn session. Even then she was feisty, making me work to get the shot. Now she is bright eyed and so animated! I can’t wait until the next milestone so I can dress her up and capture those adorable leg rolls!

Newborn Stella
Newborn Stella

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