Mankato Child Session: Jonah and Owen

When we set out this afternoon, I knew I wanted some pictures of the boys picking flowers. I didn’t have any idea if they would be cooperative and I’d get what I had imagined, or if they would have great big toddler melt downs and I’d end up with pictures of them crying in the ditch. I had the best of intentions to take the boys out separately to do 3 year old photo sessions, but between the packing and the daily grind, that hasn’t happened. So, when I sat down and uploaded these images and loved so many, I thought, why not call this their birthday session and just move on with life?

Three seems like a big deal. Each birthday has brought along it’s changes and with it the sentimental tug of missing my “babies”, but three just seems so big. And so do they. It’s mind blowing, the things that they accomplish on their own each day. I think it’s blowing their minds too. Because, more often than not, they seem to surprise themselves with what they can do. And then the pride just shines. Three is fun. It’s liberating and exciting. It’s so darn hard, and stubborn, and independent. If you’re parents, I know you understand.

Three is strengthening the bond. They are pretty inseparable. They are a team, in both the good and the mischievous.

Three is also strengthening the individual. Although a package deal, they couldn’t be more different.

Owen lives big. His thoughts, dreams, feelings, and actions are all larger than life. You see it in his imaginative play. There was a time not too long ago that he so vividly imagined that a log was a big iguana, that it took careful preparation to build up the strength just to walk past it. His emotions are strong and big. Not just the frustration and disappointment, but the joy and the excitement as well. There is no guessing what he feels, and no changing it either. You hear his creativity in his made up words and silly games. I try to remind myself that at some point, he will not make up goofy words for every object, and I will finally know what he is talking about. And then, I’ll probably miss his goofy language. Owen is a hands on, down on the ground, pushing and pulling, scooping and dumping, right in the action kind of kid. He is curious, and the “why” phase is just getting going.

Jonah is purposeful. He has the patience and concentration for puzzles and board games. He enjoys creating things, and for that reason, has access to an art caddy for whenever the mood strikes. Jonah is a lover. He loves to snuggle and give hugs. I will never tire of hearing phrases like “I love you so much!”, “That is so beautiful!” and “I”m so glad you’re here!”. He has a positive attitude that you can’t help but catch. Jonah is independent, and is thoroughly enjoying figuring things out for himself. Dressing, brushing his teeth, and cooking on his own are all things that bring about a sense of great pride. Between his curly hair and gap tooth grin, I just can’t get enough of my sweet boy.

As with anything that’s worthwhile, three will be a challenge. It will be full of dirty knees and scraped knuckles, brotherly disputes and power struggles. But, three will be amazing too.

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