Mankato Family Photographer: Rehder Family

Some family sessions are just fun. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t think of a session that I didn’t have a good time. That’s the best thing about my job, I always enjoy it! But some just have a little something extra. Enter the Rehder family with their adorable girls and their 100 year old farm house. And their dog, cats and chickens… We will get to the animals in a minute.

If you don’t know Nick and Ashley, you’re missing out. They took a huge risk, and set off on an adventure to renovate their farm house and create their dream business in the Ruby Ranch Barn.  The stories I heard about the renovation projects they have tackled would have sent me running, but not these guys! They are adventurous, compassionate, and totally have meltdowns sometimes just like the rest of us. 😉

We were really hoping to get a snowy day session in before Christmas, but the MN winter didn’t cooperate and we were down to the wire if we were going to get pictures done in time for Christmas cards. So, we decided (out of necessity) to do an evening session and with the girls snuggled into their pajamas, we documented their bedtime routine that they’ve been doing for years. It was one of the sweetest sessions I’ve shot. I know they will cherish the images because it’s the little moments that you experience daily, and sometimes take for granted, that you end up missing later.

                                            Remember when I said I’d get to the animals? And remember me saying that this family was adventurous? We ended the evening with a family of four, a Bernadoodle, 2 cats and 4 chickens. Yep, chickens. In the dining room. Epic.