Mankato Family Session: The E Family

mankato family session

Family sessions that involve toddlers usually go one of two ways. Either the toddler is hiding and crying at the sight of me, and yes sometimes it gives me a complex, or the toddler is a big ham and it takes almost no effort to get them to smile. Logan not only was full of smiles, but he took it one step further. He actually tried to take me home with him. But, more on that later.

Kelly informed me as we were strolling back to our location that they had not ever had family pictures taken. At first I was surprised, but then I realized that it’s probably not that uncommon. You have pictures of your kids, and you snap pictures of one parent or the other, but so often we forget to get everyone in front of the camera and capture the family being together. I’m so glad they came out and I was able to freeze time for them, if only for a few minutes.

So back to Logan, he saw my boys’ fire truck when they pulled in, and he wanted to ride it SO BAD! So, I did what any sane parent did and bribed him with it while we took pictures. “The fire truck is filling up with gas, we will go ride it soon!” came out of my mouth multiple times. A few tickles, games and songs later, and we had beautiful memories for their family to cherish before they become a tribe of four! I held up my promise, and got the fire truck out for Logan to take for a spin once we wrapped up. I think that’s what did it, one fire truck ride and we were buddies for life. He was ready for me to climb in the car and ride home right next to him! Now that’s customer satisfaction. 😉  mankato family session DSC_2406-Edit DSC_2402-Edit DSC_2384-Edit DSC_2376-Edit DSC_2365-Edit DSC_2356-Edit DSC_2352-Edit DSC_2342-Edit DSC_2325-Edit DSC_2315-Edit DSC_2311-Edit DSC_2298-Edit DSC_2294-Edit DSC_2284-Edit DSC_2263-Edit DSC_2252-Edit DSC_2240-Edit

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