Mankato Mini Session: Jenna and her girls.

If you haven’t heard, Kelly Scholl Photography is proudly supporting The Potato Head Project during the upcoming Mini Sessions for Hope event June 2nd, 4th, and 5th. This inspiring organization is supporting families of micro preemie babies through the use of Potato Head toys. They are a new organization and while the support for the foundation has been overwhelming, so have the requests for support of new babies. Join me in spreading hope. Contact me to book your mini session at our beautiful country location today!


If you don’t know Jenna, you’re missing out.  She’s a gem of a woman. The love for her family shines through in everything she does. She’s kind hearted with a sense of humor. I totally appreciate her personality. We have a few things in common so conversation flows easily when we get together. I first met Jenna at a Ready for Kindergarten event through our local community ed. Since then, we’ve become part of the same play group, and supported each other’s businesses. So, when I needed a model family for my upcoming mini session fund raiser, I thought of her and her sweet girls. Jenna runs her own business, designing and creating bows and headbands for little girls. Bumbelou is a brand that is stocked in my studio for sessions, and if I could convince my boys to wear them I just might let them! 😉

While all three ladies were stunning during the session. Lexi really stole my heart. We were chatting about princesses, and I asked which princess was her favorite. She responded with “Princess Mater”. Now, if you are completely out of touch with kid friendly movies, Mater is the red-neck truck from Cars. Princess Mater had me cracking up all day. Lexi’s imagination explodes out of her. She is strong and determined. She is silly and loving. Like I said, she stole my heart.

After their session, Jenna and I spent some time talking while the kids played. We have found through many shared stories that my Owen and her Lexi are like peas in a pod. We commiserated over the sheer will it takes to parent a spirited child while still maintaining your sanity. We shared some techniques and favorite authors who have inspired our parenting styles. But, it was eye opening being around another parent’s “Owen”. I was relaxed and enjoying the energy, curiosity, and fun that Lexi shares with the world. I’ve had so many people tell me that Owen is their favorite, that he makes them laugh. And while he does make me laugh, there are many days that I’ve felt defeated because all of my “techniques” just didn’t work and everyone ended up in tears. We talked about letting go of the unreachable expectations. I’ve been trying to do just that ever since that session. I will see the amazing in my little ball of energy. I will join him in his curious exploration of the world.

Thank you Princess Mater, for reminding me to let go.























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