Mankato Lifestyle Family Session: The Krogman’s

A lifestyle family session may be a new concept for some people, but it’s something that I am growing to love capturing. Sometimes, you want more than just a posed, everyone look and smile portrait. Sometimes, you want to capture the feelings the family experiences when they spend time together. Portraits are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. I love a beautiful styled image with bright happy eyes staring back at me. In fact, that’s exactly how we started the session with baby Taylor. But, there is something special about catching a genuine laugh, a silly game, or a tender moment that is part of a family’s journey through life.

Tony and I went to school together. Considering we grew up in a small town, we saw each other plenty. And since he is good friends with my husband, we continued to see each other through college and even ended up sharing a home town again. Tony is a joker, he’s always got some kind of smart comment to make you shake your head and chuckle. When I heard Tony was getting married, I couldn’t help but think that she was in for a wild ride! But, he’s also the kind of guy who will drop everything to help out a friend. So, when they recently tied the knot and I was asked to capture their ceremony, I jumped out of my comfort zone and did my best to provide them with those special memories. (No, I still don’t do weddings!) I haven’t known Becky nearly as long as I’ve known Tony, but from the time we have spent together, it seems that he couldn’t have chosen a better partner. Not only is she adorable and sweet, she compliments his goofy personality with the most wonderful big laughs. And don’t get me started on their daughter Taylor. Good grief this little girl’s eyes are so blue. And well, like most 6 month olds, she is smiley and happy, and makes you think that babies are just the best thing ever! They fit seamlessly together. They don’t just look happy, they are happy. You can feel it.

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