Mini Session Mankato: Cousins make the best friends!

Mini sessions can be chaotic for photographers. You have to be on the top of your game, ready to nail the shots in a short period of time! Throw in four kids under the age of 3 and that photographer is bound to break a sweat. (I was a sweaty mess after this one!)  But, these kids kept it together, and with a great big ice cream and sprinkles bribe, they put up with some crazy adults redirecting their movements and jumping around like maniacs to keep their attention.

Do you remember playing with your cousins as a kid? I swear it was some of the best fun and the worst torture of my childhood! I remember being over the moon to play games with my older cousins, Kick the Can and HORSE were favorites when we all gathered at Grandma’s. But if you were one of the younger kids, you had to toughen up or you were going to catch a whole lot of crap. The older cousins pretty much had a club who’s motto was “make it look like we’re playing nice to fool the parents but really just patronize the little kids”.  Being cousins is a lot like being siblings. You would just dream of the day when you were old enough to be considered one of the “big kids” and get to join the club. Even with all of that, my cousins were some of my best friends growing up. It was exciting to get together with them and if we were lucky enough to have a sleep over, it was the highlight of our month.

You can already see that dynamic with these four. Ollie is ready to push Adair off the box. Stella thinks Adair is the coolest, but Adair thinks Stella is an annoying little kid. And Pecos, well he is still too little to do anything but smile. But, amidst all of those rivalries, you hear the stories about how they repeat each other’s names the whole week before they see each other. And how they share clothes and play games and follow each other around. What a blessing it is that they get to grow up together! DSC_1944-Edit DSC_2141-Edit DSC_2123-Edit DSC_2119-Edit DSC_2094-Edit DSC_2090-Edit DSC_2089-Edit DSC_2081-Edit DSC_2064-Edit DSC_2061-Edit DSC_2034-Edit DSC_2017-Edit DSC_2009-Edit DSC_1994-Edit DSC_1990-Edit If you are interested in your own session with Kelly Scholl Photography, and would like to be the first to know about upcoming specials and mini sessions, please opt in for my newsletter by using the following link! Click here to subscribe!

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