Mankato Photographer: Thedens Family

This holiday mini session was “mini-er” than most. While there was still a little green left in the grass, it was one of the first truly frigid days in Mankato this winter. Holy moly, we were FREEZING!  I had to keep reminding everyone to take a deep breath and shake out the tension in their shoulders because the shivers were turning them into statues! But, tell me that they aren’t adorable in their perfectly coordinated outfits. I’m telling you, some moms just get it! Even though it was terribly cold, we had fun. With a list of quick games up my sleeve, we giggled, hugged and played through about 12 minutes of pictures before this sweet family was frozen and my shutter finger was about to fall off. The Minnesota weather didn’t get the best of us, as you will see. The Thedens family rocked their holiday photos and sent out some adorable cards to boot. Thanks for braving the cold you guys, it was a pleasure spending time with you, no matter how brief!