Polzin family shenanigans!

I am lucky enough to live in the same town as my best college friend! Times have definitely changed being that we threw four kids into the mix. Sometimes it’s been hard to keep in touch with each other even when our kids were playing in the same room. But, yesterday we took the kids out for a nature walk and had a full conversation while they played! Amanda and I got pretty excited. Full, uninterrupted sentences everyone! If you have young kids, you know just how amazing that really is. Here’s one more thing to get excited about, getting Chris to cooperate long enough to capture some family memories.Sometimes, I had to distract him just like his 2 year old son. He’s quite the goof ball!  That same playful side makes for fun images though. So, I’m really not complaining. This is the dad that’s willing to pick up his kids and toss them around, play chase and tickle without any complaining. You can tell they have a lot of fun! Thanks for keeping me on my toes Polzin family!

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