Project 365: One month down!

When I started this project 365, I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I mean yes, I knew I was supposed to take a picture a day, and I knew that I wanted to better my photography skills. But, what I didn’t bargain for was the wonderful documentation of my kids lives. Most days I only spend 5-10 minutes with my camera in hand. I don’t want to  miss out on the fun with my kiddos, but I’m already looking back over the last 35 days and loving that I have their quirky personalities and favorite games saved. There have been days that I have not wanted to pick up my camera. Yesterday was one of them. My camera was on the kitchen island, ready in case something caught my eye but I was pretty uninspired. I could hear the boys playing with their swords in the basement with Tyler so I leaned over the railing and called to them, figuring I’d just catch them off guard and see what happened. I snapped a few and called it good, figuring that I’d just go with whatever I got because honestly, today I just didn’t really care. But, when I uploaded them, I found Owen, sword in hand with the best Peter Pan inspired shadow on the stairs. I love it. I love the look of determination on his face as he tried to reach me with his sword, and I love the way the light and shadows are working in the image. I probably got lucky, and there will be other uninspired days, but I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m so glad I took on the project. I think it will lead to quite a treasure of images in the end.DSC_2046-Edit DSC_2084-Edit DSC_2119-Edit DSC_2144-Edit DSC_2148-Edit DSC_2160-Edit DSC_2195-Edit DSC_2217-Edit DSC_2262-Edit DSC_2344-Edit DSC_2399-Edit DSC_2370-Edit DSC_2382-Edit DSC_2487-Edit DSC_2500-Edit DSC_2714-Edit DSC_2932-Edit DSC_3009-Edit DSC_3057-Edit DSC_3076-Edit DSC_3086-Edit DSC_3091-Edit DSC_3123-Edit DSC_3137-Edit DSC_3378-Edit DSC_3398-Edit DSC_3402-Edit


Today’s image is a fun one. You can see the chaos in the fly away hair, the blurred motion, the eager pizza eyes, and the “stuff” all over the floor. This morning, Jonah & Owen and their best friends had a Frosty party. The play room is in shambles and they are totally wiped out, but they had the best time!