What to Wear Guide: Kelly Scholl Photography

You’ve booked a photo session, and then the panic sets in. What are we going to wear?! Have no fear, most likely the answer is already in your closets!

The number one rule I have is that you need to feel comfortable. If you don’t feel good, and at ease in what you are wearing, it will show in your images. The second most important rule I have is “coordinating, NOT MATCHING”. We know you are a family, that’s why you’re being photographed together. There is no need for you to adorn a uniform of matching pants and white t-shirts in order for us to understand your bond! Now that I’ve got those out of the way, lets dive into some guidelines that will help you style your family with ease!

  1. Keep it simple.  Especially when newborns or babies are involved, it is important to stick to neutral tones and muted colors. Grays, whites, creams, or even black are excellent choices that won’t distract from the newness of your little one. My favorites are the creams and whites. I love the clean, airy feel it gives to the images. Busy patterns can distract as well. Instead opt for solids or textures that will allow the true subject to shine. Always avoid neon clothing. The super bright colors can cause color casts on your face, making you look like a highlighter. If you’re session is outside, avoid wearing lots of green, as you will blend into your surroundings. Instead, if you want a pop of color, think shades of primaries; red (maroon, brick) blue (navy, royal, turquoise) and yellow (mustard). DSC_6596-EditDSC_8438-Edit
  2. Coordinate. Like I mentioned before, coordinating is wonderful. Full on matching is not. When everyone is wearing the same thing, it looks awkward. A good way to coordinate is to start with one outfit that you really love. Maybe that’s Mom’s flattering maxi dress and statement necklace, or it could be your son’s t-shirt, blazer and hat that stops you in your tracks. Next you want the other outfits colors to mesh well with that special outfit. Look for accessories, and layers that help pull the group together and add texture and style. This family rocked the clothing category. There are plenty of colors, patterns and textures, but none of them overpower the other or take away from the expressions of the people. DSC_0134I love this families pop of red against the snowy backdrop. They also nailed the layers with hats, scarves, sweaters, boots, and ponchos. Adorable! DSC_2537-Edit
  3. Layer, make sure it fits, and shoes count! Layering an outfit helps you look polished and put together. In the summer, add belts, a vest, or statement jewelry. In the winter, think belted cardigans, scarves, hats and blazers. It’s important for your clothes to fit, and fit well when you are dressing for photos. Jackets or jeans that are too big will look bulky or sloppy. Especially with jackets, go for a more tailored look. When choosing an outfit for your kids, make sure they don’t have “room to grow”. I tend to buy big because kids grow so fast! But, when it comes to picture outfits, it’s best to have something that fits right now. Pay attention to your shoes. You may have picked out the most adorable outfit for your little guy, but if you slap on his beat up Elmo sneakers, it will take away from the look. Same thing goes for the rest of the family, avoid flip flops and crocks. Instead go for wedges, boat shoes, cute flats, leather boots, strappy sandals, or Mary Janes. If all else fails, strip off the shoes and socks and show off the bare feet!DSC_1459-EditDSC_0070-EditDSC_0072-Edit-2
  4. Flaunt your assets. We all have insecurities about our bodies, but we all have features that we love as well. Play to your strengths. If you love your legs, go for that short dress with a cardigan and wedges. Or grab some skinny jeans and strappy sandals or heels. Tall shoes automatically elongate your legs. If you feel you’ve lost your waist, opt for a high waisted pant or a tailored jacket. Maxi dresses are flattering on any body type and are so versatile. Pair one with a bold statement necklace and some strappy sandals and you’re set! sneak-3

Yes, you should be comfortable in what you’re wearing, but it’s ok to push yourself outside of the box. Take a friends shopping and try on something new that you normally wouldn’t. It may be a total disaster and you’ll have a good laugh, or you may find a new favorite!

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